Sunday, 5 January 2014

Paper Puppet

Back to work mode after the holidays !

Made a quick paper puppet today to test out her joints, and what positions I can get her in. 
Feels like I'm in College again making my Suicide Song animation.
Her butt may need to be reduced tho :P
This however will not be how my puppet will look like. After researching into Mikey Please with his Spectacular View short, I found the making of video of how his puppet looked.
Here is an image of what I collected, and wish to achieve with all three of my characters.

I will be making my own armature tho rather then using these type of joints.
This is so I can make my character lighter and with less bulk.
( ... and spend less money :P )

OH !
And now finally have my own camera thats compatible with Stop Motion Pro which I'm incredibly eager to try out !

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