Friday, 31 January 2014

So Many Pieces !!!

( Excuse the poor quality images ! )


My lovely Secondary School, Ash Manor, let me come back after 5 years and let me use their laser cutter.

I used 2D design TechSoft Design Tools - 2D Design Software (Image from the previous post)

And here is my result. This includes not only all of my characters components but also ....

... MANY necessary spare parts !

After organising them, I couldn't resist ....

... I had to position my first character I designed.
I couldn't be happier with the result of how she looks, how they all look !
Now it's time to paint them up ready to be put onto the armature to be made afterwards.
Easier to paint the individual pieces now rather than painting awkwardly once assembled.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Laser Cutting !

Make your own Karma Characters Ha !
All the parts to the three characters, including spare parts left and right !
Can never have enough hands and feet.
My teachers from my secondary school have been nice enough to let me use their laser cutter to help me make my puppet.
Even after 5 years of using the laser cutter they still use the same programme for it.
So each individual part in this image will be drawn out again in 2D Design.
Then, cut out of my A2 Hardboard, ready to be placed onto my wire armature I will be making by hand instead of purchasing like I have done in the past.

Now I'm in the fun stages of making my sets and characters, I will be posting more frequently !
I have made a tab especially for the making stages of 'Karma Kid', so you can follow my progress.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Paper Puppet

Back to work mode after the holidays !

Made a quick paper puppet today to test out her joints, and what positions I can get her in. 
Feels like I'm in College again making my Suicide Song animation.
Her butt may need to be reduced tho :P
This however will not be how my puppet will look like. After researching into Mikey Please with his Spectacular View short, I found the making of video of how his puppet looked.
Here is an image of what I collected, and wish to achieve with all three of my characters.

I will be making my own armature tho rather then using these type of joints.
This is so I can make my character lighter and with less bulk.
( ... and spend less money :P )

OH !
And now finally have my own camera thats compatible with Stop Motion Pro which I'm incredibly eager to try out !