Major Project Golfer & Fox
Major 2nd year project I'm making a short film. Check out how they where made here.

Sonny Smiles
2nd Year Minor Project, using 11 Second Club sound clip, create a character to suit the voice and then animate to it. Watch him come to life on my Animations Tab !

Paddington Bear
The idea that Jake Harvey thought of was Paddington Bear to carry the Olympic torch to the stadium in London, with the Queen as a special guest. My part of this project was to make Paddington himself. Here are some progress shots of how I made Paddington the Puppet.

After some much needed re-designing of Paddington thanks to Sean Gregory we got there in the end !

Arms, feet, legs, wrist, head and nose I designed to be all replaceable.

Padding him out with foam and sponge in order for him to keep shape, but also be able to move his joints.

Working late into the night furring him up, whilst James made his coat.

Here he is complete with all of the characters that Sean drew, including all of us into the crowd. 
Sean also made Paddington's case, and James Carlisle made his coat and hat. 

Gregg Willis and Jake did an amazing job on the set design ! Looks like it could be the original !!!

Together we made Paddington !

The Paddington Team:
I think the Paddington Team would agree with me that 3 weeks of Paddington's theme tune was quite enough. Thanks again team, he turned out brilliantly !


My final character as a 1st year. Mawkin is a scarecrow thats afraid of everything. He was a fun character to play around with his body positions and facial expressions. 


This project gave me the opportunity to animate and make an armature with wings. 


This is my 1st attempt at making and animating a four legged character.

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