2013 Showreel

2nd Year Minor Project
Using an 11 Second Club clip we got assigned, we had to create a character around the audio and then animate to it.


This is an opportunity for us as animators at Glamorgan University to create "Stings" and short movies that we can show off to our class mates, lectures and industry.  This years theme was a combination of Olympics and the Queens Jubilee.

- Walk Cycle Race
After making Paddington bear, I joined another group where the idea was to take the mic out of our selves as animators and combine Stop Motion, CG and 2D Animation in a walk cycle race, but with a twist.
My part was to make an armature that would brake apart mid race. To make my armature have a little bit of character I gave him my final 1st year character "Mawkin" the scarecrows walk cycle.

At the starting block, with some rigs.

Walk Cycle Race - Breaking Apart from Hannah Queux-Johnson on Vimeo.

Braking apart, with plenty more rigs.

Walk Cycle Race - Arm from Hannah Queux-Johnson on Vimeo.

And the determined little arm at the photo finish.

Walk Cycle Race Team:
Hannah Queux-Johnson - Stop Motion
Matt Kavanagh - CG
Emma McCarthy
David Hutton - 2D 

Here is my 1st year showreel of everything that I have done at Glamorgan University.

- Final Major Project (1st Year)

Final major ! we had to design a model pack through turnarounds, expression & action sheets and more in order to make this character. For our final animations, after building the character, making clothes and replaceable mouths and expressions, we had to have 10 seconds of audio that would help sum up your characters personality in the lip sync. This was followed by a trait, and a final performance piece. Being a scarecrow I didn't allow his knees to bend, but his upper body was loose and exaggerated. He's afraid of crows among many other phobias. In his trait he sees a crow in the distance and ducks away in fear. For the final performance he lists everything he is afraid of and freaks out at the end. Overall I'm pleased with his final outcome. He was a fun character to develop and a big thank you to Gregg Willis for Mawkin's voice !
- Animals

This project was our first taste at animating a bird and four legged animals. I chose to animate an owl using reference of them taking off, flight cycle and landing. For the four legged animal, i chose reference from a Llama, from rest, walk cycle and to rest.

- Sound Sync

After getting given a piece of music and getting into groups, we had to animate 10 seconds worth of the music each and sync it to the music and making a transition from one animator to the other. In this video Amy Thomas is the first 12 seconds and  my animation of the herbs and spices on the light box begins at 13 seconds in.

- Painting & Film

Using Premier we had to choose a painting and a piece of music to animate too. I chose Wassily Kandinsky's "Coposition VIII (1923)" painting and Wim Merten's "Often A Bird" song to combine.


These are just some of my old animations that I made at Alton College 2009-2011. I studied BTEC Art and  decided to specialise in Animation in my final year.

- Suicide 

I chose to take Lee Evan's "Suicide Song" and make my own paper puppet version of it. Looking back on this animation now, I clearly had no idea what I was doing, this was shot on 9 frames per second, on a make shift animating booth that my Dad made me. I wouldn't of been able to do it without my amazing friends and family who feature in it, a big Thankyou to you guys, I had a lot of fun collecting references for this animation. Everything is hand drawn of my friends and my home in Ash Vale and Mytchett, enjoy. 

- The Blender

The project for this animation was "Inventions." We had to choose an invention and get creative with it, so i decided that the blender would be fun to do. At the time I was watching Toy Story, and i thought of how they always have great escapes in toy point of views, which inspired me to use this, but with fruit. Everything was filmed in my home kitchen over the course of 3 days filming, myself and my sister had a lot of fun with the ending, you will see what I mean when you watch this. 

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