Sunday, 22 December 2013

Banyan Island

Being home has been lovely but extremely distracting.
So works being going slowly but surely.
Here is how I've spent my evening ...

So this is the Banyan Island that my characters will be living on.
I love how this has turned out, I can't wait to start making this thing !
But without realising I've coloured it :/
In my story, their floating island home, it's completely white. This is because they're floating in space near the moon to keep an eye on Earth. The reason for being white is so that they blend in with the other stars. Plus I've always wanted to make a completely white set.

So although it looks lovely with my characters above here.
It will infact look more like this below, which kinda looks dull.

We shall see what happens.
Always good to see both options though.

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