Sunday, 27 April 2014

Studio Showcase #4 BlinkInk

Blink is an award-winning British commercial production company based in London. Today, Blink is one of the industry;s most respected production companies, creating breathtaking commercials, short films and music videos using both live action and animation.

Their famous John Lewis Christmas campaign was the symbol of the winter season in 2013. Blinkink and Hornet are the proud creators of The Bear and The Hare, combining the stunning traditional 2D characters walking around a stop motion christmas wonderland. A beautiful short take of the Bear that had never seen Christmas.

Most recently Barry the Biscuit Boy, created by Joseph Mann and Andrew Thomas Haung's new live=action puppeteer, stop frame, animated advert for Cravendale. The funny story of a Barry the Biscuit Boy who loved milk so much to the point of disaster to himself.

Blinkink have been keeping stop motion animation alive in their commercials for years making sure the talent doesn't die out with the art of what is Stop motion, and even 2D animation.
It is companies like these that appreciates and respects the hard working traditional animators and creates stunning pieces with them.

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