Thursday, 24 April 2014

Studio Showcase #1 Three Stones Media

Three Stones Media was formed in 2007. They combine the best emerging talents that produce great storytelling and high quality products.

2011 three Stones brought a new project to the world. That being Rastamouse, a stop frame animation TV series for CBeebies.

The 78x11min episodes show a cool crime fighting mouse who through the power of redemption always "Makes a Bad Ting Good".

The series is an award winning  place of storytelling developed with the original authors and animator Derek MogFord. Together they have created a very distinctive show of which they are extremely proud of. Showing off their adorable puppets with their extremely bright and colourful 2D background and props.

The first two series of Rastamouse were made by the Welsh Animation company Dinamo. Unfortunately Dinamo closed down in June 2013 whilst filming a third series was being developed.
But Three Stones have picked it back up again.

Being so close it would be an amazing opportunity for myself to see how these cute puppets are created from scratch right through the fur fabricating. And also to see how a real studio works !

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