Friday, 23 May 2014

Hand In Today

Hello Blog it's been a while.

A lot has happened !!!!

I have been given the amazing opportunity to visit Rastamouse Productions for a weeks work experience (12th May)

There I got to see the studios from props to animating. But of course my favourite part, where I spent my work experience was in the puppet department.

The lovely ladies that look after the puppets taught me how to make Rastamouse and Orphan hands from wire twisting to padding them up. I helped finish off Zoomers skates. I even made a T-shirt ready for a crowd scene.

I honestly did not want to leave. I had incredible people that looked after me !

And now back to my Uni work !
My hand in is today.
Funny how all the work that had been done these past 3 years is over.
I will need to touch up my film a lot again by tuesday to have a chance to be in the Glammies !!!
Possible the last ever Glammies which is gutting :(
But I'm glad myself and my year get to go out with a big celebration !

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