Monday, 11 November 2013

Mime Project

Been Animating a Mime Project for Uni. And my idea is nothing special, just a man with some bubbles. The idea of the project is that we add After Effects afterwards to make it come to life. So I messed around with a few things like green screen, motion tracking and morphing objects together with the help of many Youtube tutorials. Seriously would be so lost otherwise as After Effects certainly isn't my strongest point. The programme is very new to me, but I'm learning and starting to enjoy it a bit more now. So here is my finished video. 

As it is just a quick project, just a basic armature is used, this is an old armature made by Malvern Armatures

(Excuse the poor quality not sure what I have done :P)

Also I am now starting my Major Project of my Third Year ! I have two stories in mind, one I'm more keen on as I've been talking about it for a while now. But this certain animation by Mikey Please caught my eye, and its just stunning ! I really want my film to be in this style. 

If you get a chance look at the Making Of video, worth a watch !

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